I’ve been commissioned

I got my very first commission last week. I have a friend who has twin cousins graduating from high school and he wanted some unique cards for them as well as a card to congratulate a friend on her recent engagement. I wanted to use the same color for the twin’s cards, but I wanted them to be distinct from each other too. Here’s what I came up with. What do you think?







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The New Little Black Dress

If you’ve been following along with me on this journey, you know that one of my go to paper crafts is the Origami dress. It’s easy and quick and it allows me to “make something” even if I’m tired, pressed for time, or frankly not in the mood. Well I think I’ve found the replacement to the Little Origami Dress and that is the tissue paper flower. It takes a little more time than the origami dress, but it’s dead easy and super cute. I got directions on the Michael Ann Made blog. I added little stick on gemstones to the white flowers. I skipped the staple on the red flower and used a crystal brad to hold everything together instead. I love these!

Holy Sh!t

Over the weekend, I was inspired to make some engagement cards just in case anyone I know got engaged. (And maybe, just maybe, someone I know did get engaged!! Don’t quote me on that). I found a super cute card on Etsy via Pinterest, that I totally ripped off. But that card inspired me to create another card of my own design. I think they both turned out rather nicely. Both cards say “you’re getting married!” on the inside. The top card is the rip-off and the bottom card is its inspired cousin. What do you think? Would you buy either one of these cards for a friend?




Scrapping Happy

I already shared with you my first scrapbook to document the trips Le Beau and I have taken, and I’m now two layouts into it. I am having a hard time with printing my photos at home. I thought it was the resolution of the picture initially, but now I think it’s the printer. I did find a contact sheet and 2×2 setting when printing from my laptop, so I’m excited about that. Since my book is pretty small, I had been spending a lot of time resizing my pictures. With these settings, I should be able to skip that step and save some time.

Both these layouts are actually from what I consider our first trip which spanned 4 cities. These are Las Vegas and NYC.



I’m a Big Shot!

Ok, so maybe I’m not a big shot, but I have one!! And I love, love, love, love it! Even before I started this project, I thought I wanted a Cricut Expression II after seeing all the infomercials on it. Once I started this 365 project I decided that I wanted to get a die cutting machine, but I knew I had to do my research considering how expensive the Cricut is. After doing my research, I decided that I actually wanted the Sizzix Big Shot instead.

I like the fact that it’s manual, it didn’t cost $100s of dollars, and it can cut through a wide variety of materials. Last night, I used it to cut leather!!

I also luckily found a deeply discounted set of alphabet dies and I am on the look out for more deals.

The scrap layout below uses one of my little cuttlebug dies that I found at Big Lots for $2. It’s a little hard to see, but it’s a little camera.


From Failure, Success

I saw a great little card on Pinterest that came from this blog and I thought I wanted to recreate it. It’s the first card you see below. I made the second card you see below. It’s a mess. It looked like complete crap. Obviously, it could not be given to anyone. But it’s actually one of the best cards I’ve made so far. I say it’s the best because I learned a lot from the way it turned out.

I decided to re-make it, so I took a critical look at it and made notes on things I thought I needed to fix. I tried it again the next day, and as you can see from the third card, it’s 100% better. Tell me you wouldn’t pay money for that card! I dare you.