Everyday Paper is Moving!

New theme, new link, new post! Everyday paper has moved to www.everyday-paper.com. It only took most of the night to migrate everything over. I hope you like the new look, which will allow me to expand and add more features in the future. If you’re following me here, please be sure to follow me there as well. I won’t be updating here after today, but I will leave it up since I have some pins linked here.


The New Little Black Dress

If you’ve been following along with me on this journey, you know that one of my go to paper crafts is the Origami dress. It’s easy and quick and it allows me to “make something” even if I’m tired, pressed for time, or frankly not in the mood. Well I think I’ve found the replacement to the Little Origami Dress and that is the tissue paper flower. It takes a little more time than the origami dress, but it’s dead easy and super cute. I got directions on the Michael Ann Made blog. I added little stick on gemstones to the white flowers. I skipped the staple on the red flower and used a crystal brad to hold everything together instead. I love these!

I’m a Big Shot!

Ok, so maybe I’m not a big shot, but I have one!! And I love, love, love, love it! Even before I started this project, I thought I wanted a Cricut Expression II after seeing all the infomercials on it. Once I started this 365 project I decided that I wanted to get a die cutting machine, but I knew I had to do my research considering how expensive the Cricut is. After doing my research, I decided that I actually wanted the Sizzix Big Shot instead.

I like the fact that it’s manual, it didn’t cost $100s of dollars, and it can cut through a wide variety of materials. Last night, I used it to cut leather!!

I also luckily found a deeply discounted set of alphabet dies and I am on the look out for more deals.

The scrap layout below uses one of my little cuttlebug dies that I found at Big Lots for $2. It’s a little hard to see, but it’s a little camera.


Days 105 – 120

Has it really been 16 days? Wow. I hope you didn’t think I had given up. I did go on vacation for 8 wonderful days with no access to email or voicemail. But I did still craft. I packed myself a little on the go craft kit which included the items you see below as well as a pad of watercolor paper and an assortment of watercolor pencils. My bestie had the great idea that I should make postcards while I was away and that’s what I did. Two of the bunch came out ok and the rest sucked, but the important thing is that I didn’t skip a day. And as you can see from the picture of the beach, it wasn’t always easy to motivate myself to make something when I could be enjoying the waves instead.


Days 100 & 101 – Anniversary

Le Beau and my one year anniversary was April 13th. I knew I wanted to get him a nice pair of sunglasses because he’s had his current pair for a long time and we’re taking a Caribbean vacation later this month. Picking the shades was easy, I just went with the classic Rayban aviator.

Of course I had to make a special card and packaging though. A few months ago I saw a great post for a matchbook style accordion card using Instagram photos. I hadn’t even installed Instagram yet, but I thought it looked so neat I bookmarked it for later use.

I decided on a travel them in keeping with the gift so I chose 5 pictures from some of the trips we’ve taken this year. I added some Instagram fun to some of them and I just followed the lovely template and instructions and tada!

For the box I took an existing square gift box with a really obnoxious zebra print on it and recovered it with craft paper on he bottom and a map of Europe for the lid. It’s a subtle hint…

I wrote him a sweet little note which I attached to the top of the card with some photo corners.

He loved it. I mean he really loved it. Like a little choked up loved it. Score!





Day 92 – One of my Favorites

No, I didn’t skip day 91, but it was a total fail. I tried to make an embossed card with a clear bird stamp and black embossing powder. I used a white card, which was kind of a mistake. But it ended up not really mattering anyway. When I went to heat the powder, my heating tool just blew all the powder off the card and I the results were underwhelming. I’m not sure if I held the heat gun too close to the card or if my embossing pad didn’t put enough fluid down to make the powder stick. I’ll probably try some more embossing soon, so I’ll be able to narrow down the issues.

Now, on to today’s crafty goodness. Sometimes, you see something online, in a book or magazine, and you  just feel like you have to recreate it. That’s how I felt when I saw these cupcake giftboxes on craftgawker. I love craftgawker, because every image links you directly to the blog post it comes from.

I burned my fingertips repeatedly with hot glue while I was making this little lovely, but it was totally and completely worth the pain. I found my supplies at Michael’s, where I also put a ton of little sticker pearls and gems for $0.12 a sheet!! Don’t you just love a clearance?

I painted the box first and that caused the lid not to fit as well as it did pre-paint, but I think I can maybe file the rim of the bottom part of the box to improve the fit. I painted the boxes white, but in retrospect, I should have painted one box pink. That way I could have skipped the paper wrapper. On a positive note, making that little wrapper was kind of fun. My scoring board ensured that I would have perfect 1/4 inch spaced pleats, which appeals to the perfectionist in me.

Now, is anyone’s birthday coming up soon?