Day 104 – DIY Glitter Chevron

There is a KMart close to me what is closing soon. For some reason, they have pallets and pallets of tape for sale. It’s odd. Why do they have so much tape? Well I decided to stock up on some doublestick tape since that can get pretty expensive. They didn’t have the really nice kind that has a paper backing on one side, but clearance shoppers cannot always be choosey. The price was right. I double-checked using Red Laser before I bough anything. Le Beau insists. If you don’t know what Red Laser is, look for it on the Apple App Store. It lets you scan barcodes and gives you the best prices locally and online.

So I decided to use some of this double stick tape to make a glitter chevron patterned tag. It didn’t come out perfectly because I was just doing a proof of concept (ok I was being lazy) and I didn’t measure anything or even use a ruler. I’ll share it with you anyway, I think it’s a good method, that I will try again using a ruler or pattern the next time.

Enjoy you day. I’m scrapping today, and Le Beau has decided he is cooking me dinner tonight, so I get to relax on the couch and yell to him while he’s in the kitchen 🙂


2 thoughts on “Day 104 – DIY Glitter Chevron

  1. Days 86-92 are very creative!!! So was the box you gave to “Le Beau”. I like the Coca-Cola card too. Maybe your camera is playing tricks on me but is it life size? I don’t know if I’m more impressed with your work or more impressed that you found an open KMart! Love the blog, love you!

    • Thanks Bro! No the coca cola card is not life size, but there’s an idea…
      It’s kind of sad that Kmart is closing. You know in my neighborhood there aren’t a whole lot of options for people whose main form of transportation is public.

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