Scrapbooking Scares Me (Day 103)

As you guys already know I spend lots and lots of time on Pinterest, Craftgawker, and a host of creative blogs. I am often blown away by the creativity and execution I find and it really inspires me. One thing that I look at a lot are scrapbook layouts. I love looking at them. I think so many of them are so beautifully creative and intricate. And intimidating. I look at these layouts and I cannot figure out how they come up with these ideas. How they put just the right elements and embellishments together. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at it, but I’ve been too scared to take the plunge. I thought about taking a class, getting a book, or buying a kit. Finally I decided to just try it. I’ve been looking and thinking about it long enough. Time to get off the sidelines and get in the game.

Considering all the time I spend at Michael’s and Big Lots I have lots of materials to start with. I decided to go mini and I decided to make a scrapbook of my and Le Beau’s various trips. I don’t have a lot of stuff saved, but I’m going for it anyway. I’ll do a better job in the future of saving little things when we travel. I had a little chipboard book on a ring I bought from the $1 bin at Michael’s months ago and so I cut the dopey looking scalloped edge off and punched an additional hole in it to make my covers. All of our trips so far have been domestic ( well except for the day we went to Vancouver B.C.) so I wanted a US map for the cover. I printed a couple out on 4×6 paper but they just didn’t look interesting enough.

Finally I came up with the idea to use one of my embossing styli to trace the map into the cover. Then I used my white pen to fill in the outline. I love how it came out!!

Using the same map I poked a hole through all the cities we’ve visited and put a little jeweled brad through the hole.

Then I added a little banner I cut from a chalkboard tag I created earlier this month. I think it looks amazing! I think it looks as good as some of the minibooks I lust over on the interwebs.

From there, the ideas just kept coming. I cut up some patterned file folders to make page with tabs and I added some airmail envelopes as well.

I’m super excited about how it’s turning out even more excited to be over my fear of scrapping.

What do you think? You love it don’t you?

P.S. I didn’t skip day 102 but it kinda sucked. I tried to make a little flapper dress with paper fringe at the bottom and a cute pearl necklace, but it didn’t turn out. I’ve since found a better dress pattern and I will try it again soon.


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