Days 100 & 101 – Anniversary

Le Beau and my one year anniversary was April 13th. I knew I wanted to get him a nice pair of sunglasses because he’s had his current pair for a long time and we’re taking a Caribbean vacation later this month. Picking the shades was easy, I just went with the classic Rayban aviator.

Of course I had to make a special card and packaging though. A few months ago I saw a great post for a matchbook style accordion card using Instagram photos. I hadn’t even installed Instagram yet, but I thought it looked so neat I bookmarked it for later use.

I decided on a travel them in keeping with the gift so I chose 5 pictures from some of the trips we’ve taken this year. I added some Instagram fun to some of them and I just followed the lovely template and instructions and tada!

For the box I took an existing square gift box with a really obnoxious zebra print on it and recovered it with craft paper on he bottom and a map of Europe for the lid. It’s a subtle hint…

I wrote him a sweet little note which I attached to the top of the card with some photo corners.

He loved it. I mean he really loved it. Like a little choked up loved it. Score!






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