Days 93 – 99 Tags!

In addition to my obsession with maps, I’m also slightly obsessed with tags. I love them because they force me to work small and they are useless. What I mean is that they serve no purpose other than being pretty. I love that. So I’ve been making them a lot. I have some large ones and some small ones and I have a punch that punches three different small sizes. Plus I started making my own from patterned paper and maps ( of course). Here are a few I did during days 93 – 99 and also a cute little popsicle card.




2 thoughts on “Days 93 – 99 Tags!

  1. Your tags could also double up as bookmarks…..people may not read paper books anymore but everyone needs something to designate things as important…..even if just at work….at least I do…..

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