Day 92 – One of my Favorites

No, I didn’t skip day 91, but it was a total fail. I tried to make an embossed card with a clear bird stamp and black embossing powder. I used a white card, which was kind of a mistake. But it ended up not really mattering anyway. When I went to heat the powder, my heating tool just blew all the powder off the card and I the results were underwhelming. I’m not sure if I held the heat gun too close to the card or if my embossing pad didn’t put enough fluid down to make the powder stick. I’ll probably try some more embossing soon, so I’ll be able to narrow down the issues.

Now, on to today’s crafty goodness. Sometimes, you see something online, in a book or magazine, and you  just feel like you have to recreate it. That’s how I felt when I saw these cupcake giftboxes on craftgawker. I love craftgawker, because every image links you directly to the blog post it comes from.

I burned my fingertips repeatedly with hot glue while I was making this little lovely, but it was totally and completely worth the pain. I found my supplies at Michael’s, where I also put a ton of little sticker pearls and gems for $0.12 a sheet!! Don’t you just love a clearance?

I painted the box first and that caused the lid not to fit as well as it did pre-paint, but I think I can maybe file the rim of the bottom part of the box to improve the fit. I painted the boxes white, but in retrospect, I should have painted one box pink. That way I could have skipped the paper wrapper. On a positive note, making that little wrapper was kind of fun. My scoring board ensured that I would have perfect 1/4 inch spaced pleats, which appeals to the perfectionist in me.

Now, is anyone’s birthday coming up soon?



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