Days 73 – 85 – A Whole Lot of Everything

Guess who’s back? I’ve been away from the blog for about two weeks, but I have been faithful to the project. Using the calendar to keep track of what I’ve been doing is extremely helpful, but it also let’s me go quite a bit of time between blog

posts. I do keep reminding myself that this is not a “blog everyday project”, it’s a make something everyday project, and that’s what I’ve been focusing on. So here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • Day 73 – Coca-Cola Congratulations Card: One of my very dear friends just got promoted at his job at Coca-Cola so I made him a themed congratulations card. I cut the coke bottle from a cup I drank from at lunch. Call it upcycling 🙂 He loved it!
  • Day 74 – Glitter Stamping and Watercolor: I bought some more supplies from my dealer Michael, and tried out my glitter stamp pad. And I love it! I also did a little watercolor  wash on a manilla tag and used my new heat gun to dry it. I’m in love 🙂
  • Days 75 and 76 – Tag fails!
  • Day 77 – Origami butterfly: I found a little origami butterfly tutorial on Pinterest. It’s adorable.
  • Day 78 – Heart Flower Tag: I saw a tutorial that used punched hearts folded in half to make a flower and I thought it was darling, so I used some orange origami paper alternated with polkadot paper to make my flower. I attached it to a tag with a happy birthday message.
  • Day 79 – Multicolor Thank You Card: I was out working in the yard last weekend and one of my neighbors came by to see what I was up to. I had never met her before, but she remembered that I had planted some African Pea Vine around my mailbox last spring and she asked me if I wanted some seeds. She also gave me some other advice about my plantings this year, so I made her a little card to say thank you. I used my stamp markers to achieve the multicolored effect.
  • Day 80 – Butterfly Coloring Card: I saw an owl coloring card on Pinteret (of course). What is it with owls anyway? People are crazy obsessed with them. Anyway, I didn’t want to pay for a printable, so I found a free butterfly printable to recreate the card. I would have preferred some pretty paper to use as a background, but I didn’t have any that really coordinated. I do have a Sam Flax Groupon that I need to use in the next two weeks, so I know what I will be looking for there. This card is for a little one who is turning 5 in April. I think she will like it.
  • Day 81 – Tag fail
  • Day 82 – Go Where…. Card. I had an idea to use the phrase “Go Where Your Dreams Take You”, so I punched some letters out of some map scraps I had in my scrap tray and used a pair of golden wing charms. I rather like the combination.
  • Day 83 – Origami Gift Boxes: I contracted my services out to create three origami boxes to use as packaging for a gift of three pairs of earrings. I wanted the boxes to give the effect of a three layer cake. I used some scrap organza ribbon to tie it all together. And it was a hit!
  • Day 84 – Stamped birthday card with lined envelope: Today I made a card and envelope to coordinate with the origami boxes I made yesterday. I used the same purple paper to make the envelope and lined it with the same paper that created the box separators. It’s my first lined envelope.
  • Day 85 – Custom Recipe Binder: I saw a project for a custom recipe binder in a book called Paper + Craft. I didn’t buy the book right away, but I did download the printables from the publisher’s website and put one together for a friend’s birthday. It didn’t come out exactly as I envisioned, but it came close. I think she liked it, but I forgot to take a picture 🙂

That’s the round-up!


2 thoughts on “Days 73 – 85 – A Whole Lot of Everything

  1. I know it’s not about me. But in true Boo fashion, I’ve managed to get some AWESOME handcrafted & one-of-a-kind designs from this 365 project! Keep crafting and sharing your fabulous talents!

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