Days 62 – 67

I haven’t been blogging much over the last week, but I have been busy crafting and creating. I have been having mixed results though, with only a few things coming out how I pictured them in my mind’s eye. I also spent last weekend cleaning and reorganizing my space. I still need more storage, but the changes I’ve made are working so far. For better or worse, here’s the round-up:

  • Day 62 – Mustache Card: I wasn’t crazy about my color choices, but I didn’t really know what was in my stash. Today’s project will take care of that problem though.
  • Day 63 – Purple and Gold Flower: I tried the Dahlia again because the previous one had so many gaps between the petals. I thought I could get them aligned with no gaps in between, but no such luck. I will do nine petals next time instead of eight so I can smush them in a bit more and hopefully eliminate the gaps.
  • Day 64 – Hi Card: This is one of the two that I think turned out just great. I found this idea in a Paper Crafts special publication. I got to use my new Martha Stewart screw punch and I love it. It punches clean through and it has three different size tips. I had to make and glitter the chip board letters since I don’t halve any. I used some previously punched confetti to back the holes in the front. Don’t you love it?
  • Days 65 & 66 – More Origami: I’m still working on my origami skills and I’ve been searching for some new patterns. I found some pleated dress patterns and they were not the easiest, but I’m still working on them. I tried a bathing suit too, but that was a total fail. And just for fun I unfolded a penguin and turned it into a LBD.
  • Day 67 – Stamp Samples Album: This is another project I’m very happy with. I found this project on Michael’s website while I was looking for coupons. I’ve had this Kolo album for years and I haven’t done anything with it and I thought it would be the perfect size, plus it’s binder style, so I can easily add and rearrange my pages. I cut my white cardstock to size using one of the album sheets as a template and I was able to use my screw punch again to get the holes exactly where they belong. So far I’ve only done three pages of color samples, but I plan to add a section for stamp image samples, as well as paper samples.







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