Days 59 & 60

So I realized today that I was two days off on my count. I started on December 31st and today is February 29th so I should be on day 61 today right? I found one of the lost days; two of my posts were titled Day 53, but the other one is still lost. Anyways…yesterday I was so exhausted that I’ll let you guess what I did. You guessed it! Origami dresses! I’m still mastering that skill.

Tonight I had more energy so I actually did two projects. One was a modification of a card I made earlier this month that I wasn’t totally happy with. I wrote a sentiment on it in pen and it wasn’t centered. That really bugged me. So I decided to cut a little paper banner to rewrite the sentiment on and attach it to the card with foam tape. I’m finally happy with it!! I also decided to make an envelope for it and add a little crystal brad and some twine in a coordinating color to close the envelope. I also added some confetti inside for a little more fun. I think she’ll like it, I know I do.

20120229-222615.jpg 20120229-222627.jpg
I also made a little library style thank you card for a friend who let me borrow some books. I found the printable for that card here. I also decided to print the holder part on a trimmed manila file folder to get a color closer to what I remember from the library books I used to check out and to have some sturdiness. I even used my smash date stamp to stamp a somewhat authentic looking date. I kind of miss checking books out of the library with my little paper library card and having the loan card stamped. Now I checkout library books on my Kindle. It’s just not the same.



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