Days 55 – 58 – Mixed Bag

I know I said I wasn’t going to wait too long between posts but because I’ve been traveling since last week, that’s been a little difficult. In fact, I’m at the airport as I write this post. Les Deux Beaus and I spent the weekend in Charleston celebrating Big Beau’s birthday. I was in a mad rush to make his birthday card before we left on Friday morning. I spent a long time the night before looking for “manly” cards to make. The pickings were a little slim. I finally found this great post about making an iDad Father’s Day card, so I adapted it to my purposes. He loved it!

Little Beau had a school project on one of the Tuskegee Airmen due this week so we helped him finish up a part of it on Saturday. I found the idea for these planes on Pinterest and wouuldn’t you know I had almost everything we needed in my stash. I didn’t have mini craft sticks but there was a Michael’s close to our hotel. I think he did a great job putting them together. He wanted a little help cutting the tail fin part, but that’s really all I did.

By the time we got home on Sunday, I was wiped out and went straight to bed for a short nap. 3 hours later I woke up and still had to make something! I decided on cutting and folding a tiny box that came as part of a sticker set I bought. Then I forgot to photograph it….

Monday I was back on the road and exhausted yet again, so I went to my go-to travel project…..origami!! Yes I folded more of those darling little dresses. I’m happy to report that I am getting better. I didn’t need the instructions this time. But the sleeves came out a little different. I think I made my folds at the top a little too deep. I sort of like the effect though.



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