Day 54 – Hello (KISS) Card

It’s pretty cool nowadays when I go out and friends ask me about the blog and what I’ve done today. I usually do my thing in the evening though, so I don’t always have anything current to tell them. I hung out with some friends this evening and I didn’t get home until after 9, so I had to KISS-it tonight. I used my stamp markers again and I really wish I had a black one. I’m a little surprised that the basic pack didn’t include one, but I have a big black ink pad that I can use instead. I had to create a little mask for the interior of the stamp because I only wanted the outline and the exclamation point in black. I think it’s a simple, but cute card. Of course, I rounded the bottom corners with Miss Martha’s round corner punch. Have I told you how much I love that thing? I picked up this rubber stamp for $1 at Michael’s one of the many times I went there recently. I still haven’t packed my go kit for the weekend, and I still haven’t made Le Beau’s birthday card, so I have loads to do before we leave town tomorrow. Did I mention I haven’t packed a stitch yet either? Yeah, I’m in pretty bad shape. Wish me luck.



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