Days 50 & 51

Day 50 was a long and busy day with lots of running around and while I tried to crank out something new, it just wasn’t working out. So I went to back to my origami dresses. It’s something I want to master without having to watch the video. And combined with my obsession for maps…well you know where this is going. They’re really starting to pile up so I decided to tack them to the wall next to my crafting table. You’ll see in the picture below that the one furthest to the right is a different design than the rest. I’m going to master one style then I’ll move on to another style.


For Day 51 I made this original design blank card below and I started work on another original design that I’ve been thinking about. I don’t usually do two projects in one night, but I was in flow and it wasn’t even that late. I had to make myself stop.



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