Days 47 & 48 – Celebrate

On Day 47 I wanted to get my project done before dinner so I could just relax in the evening, so I went back to my dress origami from January. They look so cute on cards I figured I’d better make a bunch just to have on hand. You think I’d be done right? Well, so much for relaxing the rest of the evening. I had to refer back to the origami dress YouTube video because I had forgotten some of the steps and while I was there I stumbled upon another dress folding video that I fell in love with. A few clicks later I was all in over at Everything on that site is adorable! I bought the love wardrobe template and I am planning to try it out this weekend. I’ve never worked with chipboard before, but i can’t wait!

Day 47 brings you the lovely little card above. I’m super excited about it because it’s a totally original design (yea!) and it was pretty easy to make. I happened to be looking for some fabric scraps, when I found some confetti I had bought for a party years ago. I thought they might look fun on a card. I also bought some Martha Stewart double sided stick letters on sale at you know where earlier this week so I wanted to try those out too. I originally wanted to go with the phrase “Let’s Celebrate” but two lines of text would have overwhelmed the card. Thank goodness I measured and started placing letters from the middle then out on either side. I just barely fit all the letters and even had to trim the C a little to get it on there. Applying the glitter was a breeze. You just shake it on and press it in a little. I used foam dots to give the bottle and two of the glasses a little dimension and voila! I’m not sure if it will be a birthday card or another occasion so I’m leaving the inside blank for now. This came out so well I wanted to keep going, but Le Beau was waiting for me to watch Columbiana with him. It was pretty far fetched, but we both enjoyed it nonetheless.



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