Days 36 – 41

So I haven’t posted all week and I definitely will try not to go so long without posting anymore because I forget a lot of things if I don’t post them right away. I’ve been working on more cards this week in keeping with my February theme. I don’t have a theme for any months between now and November, so I’m getting a little anxious. If you have any ideas, I need them! I already know I’m going to focus on Christmas crafts in November and maybe even in October too. There will be plenty to do to get ready for that holiday.

This week’s batch of cards is a little hit or miss. I’d say I was 3/6. I’ll be remaking at least two of these, the last one that didn’t turn out just right, I may abandon or redesign. Even with those missteps I think it was still a good week all in all. I started using some paper punches I bought out of the $1 at Michael’s and I learned that you should not skimp on your punches because comfort and fatigue are big deals. I also purchased Miss Martha’s scoring board and I must say I’m really happy with that. It definitely produces perfect and perfectly crisp folds and it is very easy to use. The videos showing how to use it are great.

The 3-D cards below are from Martha’s website. Here’s a link to the  popup heart tutorial.

The best.

New baby card.

Popup XOXOX Valentine's Day Card

Popup LOVE Valentine's Day Card

Envelopes made with my new scoring board

The rest.

This one doesn't have crisp folds. I think I needed more light to do this detailed work. I'm going to try this one again.

The glitter did not come out smooth and flat. It looks like it has grooves in it.

I should have drawn a line to write that text on. I will be remaking this one.


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