The Month in Review (Days 31 & 32)

I’ve heard people say that to form a habit, you have to do something for 30 days. I consider myself at my first milestone now. I’m proud to have completed a whole month of making something everyday. I think I really hit my stride when I decided to focus on origami. That took a lot of the “what do I do today?” guesswork out of the process. Origami is also quick, fun, and satisfying.

Two great things happened this week as well. On Sunday, I had an art date with two of my art pals Allison and Kathleen. They know all about the project and have been supportive. Allison is an artist and Kathleen is a filmaker so they understand the creative process and taking on big projects. While we were at Allison’s house she offered me the chance to go through her stash of paper. She let me take as much as I wanted!! She has the most incredible paper. Silk, cotton, embossed, stamped, and on and on and on. I came home with a beautifully fantastic array of paper. I’m so excited to get into some more projects with it. I already used some tonight.

The second great thing that happened to this week is that my friend Sylvia from college sent me a huge box filled with origami paper, envelopes, blank cards, printable cards, and a Fiskars shape cutting tool. She had mentioned that she had some origami paper to send me when I told her about this project, but this was way way more than I was expecting. I’m super excited to get further into this stash as well. I used some of it tonight.

I declare this month a success!

Here are yesterday’s and today’s origami. Le Beau said the pink dress (today) looks like a Michelle Obama dress and I agree. The oblong box (yesterday) came from my origami book and the dress idea came from YouTube via this blog, via this blog, via Pinterest (of course). You cannot tell me that dress isn’t the cutest thing you’ve seen today. I couldn’t resist adding the pearls. I tried to make a hanger, but after three attempts, I gave up. My wire was too thin and my proportions were off.




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