Day 23 – Coffee Filter Flowers

Le Beau and I have had a really relaxing weekend and I didn’t want today’s project to be too involved. Plus I had to be able to complete it in front of the TV since we are watching the NFL conference championship games. I had seen a tutorial for coffee filter flowers linked from Pinterest, but I didn’t really feel like searching for it there. So instead I did a Google search and found this tutorial on Design Sponge (obviously another site I need to become addicted to). I think it’s actually better than the first tutorial I read. I’m definitely into prototyping new projects just to see how they will turn out before I go all the way. I didn’t want to bother with dyeing the filters if my flower came out looking terrible.

I am an avid coffee drinker and some time ago I bought a huge quantity of coffee filters at a warehouse club. I don’t brew at home everyday and on most of the days I make coffee at home, I use a french press. I say all this to say that I have a lot of coffee filters.

I’m sorry I don’t have any pictures of the intermediate steps because I am in the living room where the lighting is bad and I’m watching the game.

I will definitely be making a whole bouquet of these in pink. They are beautiful. Le Beau looked over from his perch on the couch and said “hey, that’s pretty.” Score!


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