Day 22 – Wine Cork Stamp

As you know from Day 18 I have a ton of wine corks. I made the coasters and they turned out so so. I thought it might be a good idea to cut the corks in half lengthwise to make a flat bottom if I decided to revisit that project.

Today I decided to try making some cork stamps. Since I was all excited about my foray into stamping last night. I tried real cork and plastic cork with mixed results. I definitely think smaller is better when drawing your design. The natural cork has gaps and holes in it so keeping the design tight minimizes their appearance. I only made hearts tonight as a trial, but I could see myself trying some different images. I did two filled hearts and one heart outline. The outline barely looks like a heart and of the two filled hearts the smaller plastic cork one looks best.

I also did some straightening up and organizing. It was a mess up there! And I can’t create when my space is messy.







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