Day 10 – Egg Carton Ring Holder

Today is a milestone of sorts – double digits. I found this adorable little ring holder made from an egg carton on Craftgawker and since I had not really planned ahead for today I decided to try it. I was pretty sure I had all the supplies in hand. Well Le Beau has decided that we need to exercise and today was our first weekday. I got home layer than expected and still had to cook dinner after our walk. So I got a bit of a late start. As it turns out, the glue sticks I have are too big for my glue gun (which I was super excited to use for the first time tonight). I had to substitute craft flue instead. I hope it holds as well as the hot glue would have. I’m writing this post while I wait for the base coat to dry. I’ve got to go mix up some orange paint for the top coat.









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