Day 9 – Map Obsession

So I have a new obsession with old maps. I haven’t gotten my hands on any authentic vintage maps, but I am on the prowl for those. In the meantime, when Le Beau and I were in Huntsville last month we happened to drive by a used book store and I begged him to stop. We had already stopped at one earlier in the day, but he likes to indulge me. And I scored big — I found three used atlases. Perfect map paper for crafting notecards, envelopes, scrap book pages… So tonight I decided to try my hand at envelope making. I chose an envelope that I liked as a template, but I wanted to make slight adjustments. In hindsight, it would have been better to spend some time looking for a proper template. I chose a map of Canada, my country of birth and added a little heart on my hometown. I will probably make a whole set of notecards and matching envelopes later in the year.


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