Day 7 – The Week in Review

Part 2 of the egg was today’s project. Part 2 involved stuffing and packaging. This project is still under wraps, but I’ll update you on it next month. Promise.

Today is also the end of week 1! I made it. I consider it a milestone and I’ve already learned a lot just in this week. Some important lessons I learned or re-learned this week are:

  1. Things won’t always turn out how I imagined them, and that’s ok
  2. Nothing I make is perfect, and that’s ok
  3. Being tired is no excuse
  4. Not feeling like it is no excuse
  5. Everything takes longer than I expected, so I need to leave myself more time and be more patient
  6. I should always change into my play clothes first, because I get paint, glue, glitter, etc everywhere
  7. Making stuff is really fun and satisfying

Looking forward to the next 51 weeks!


3 thoughts on “Day 7 – The Week in Review

  1. Congrats Bestie on completing your first week on everyday paper! I’m enjoying reading/viewing the journey! Does this mean my Bday present will be made of paper?

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