Day 6 – Haiku

time to make something
even when you think you can’t
just keep on pushing

Yes, I wrote it on paper.


2 thoughts on “Day 6 – Haiku

  1. Valerie, I have read through your post this is very interesting not something I could take on but I am VERY interested in seeing what you come up with it. My fav so far is the paper covered clothespin. In reference, to ideas here are two: create a comci strip about your goals for the year or anything. Start working on a calendar for 2013 for each month draw a cover (12 that day of your days covered). If you decided to do create a calendar I would suggest making each months calendar cover towards the end of the month so that you can reflect on that particular month and capture your thoughts or feelings about Jan, Feb or Nov, etc in that design. Then if you actually use the calendar in 2013 it will serve as a reflection of how you felt during that month last year. I hope a gave a good verbal description because in my mind is looks so GREAT!!! lol jillybean

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