Day 3 – Ribbon Storage

My intention was to upcycle a ribbon storage container from an oatmeal container, as seen on the Organizing Made Fun blog. I didn’t have an oatmeal container because I had already recycled my last one, so I went out and *bought* more oatmeal. Anyway, after I bought that oatmeal I came across this version of ribbon storage on Real Simple’s website. I know, super cute right? I happened to have an empty white shoe box. So far so good. It still had the cardboard separator inside so I decided I could use it to divide the box and double my storage space. I used some paper clips to clip the divider to the box. Clever, right? At this point, I think I’m good to go.

Well, the instructions say to use a regular hole puncher to make the holes. Uh, no. A regular hole puncher will barely get you past the lip of the box. I thought a screw punch would be perfect, but sadly I don’t have one (yet). I did have a couple of bead reamers and they turned out to be perfect for the job! They have sharp pointy tips and if you push it through all the way to the plastic handle, you’ll get a nice sized hole.

I covered the lid with the same paper I used on yesterday’s clothespins and added another piece to the side of the box to cover the logo and add a label. And I’m done! Photos below.

Tomorrow is my first day back to work after the Christmas vacation, so we’ll see how my daily paper project starts going now that I actually have to wake up early and be somewhere most of day.

Do you have any easy upcycled storage containers? Post your links in the comments.


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