Everyday Paper is Moving!

New theme, new link, new post! Everyday paper has moved to www.everyday-paper.com. It only took most of the night to migrate everything over. I hope you like the new look, which will allow me to expand and add more features in the future. If you’re following me here, please be sure to follow me there as well. I won’t be updating here after today, but I will leave it up since I have some pins linked here.


My New Favorite Card

I saw a card online today that was similar to the one I created. Unfortunately I can’t find the link now. It used a white card base and the image was printed or stamped. I decided to go with a black card base and used some champagne glass confetti to build the pyramid. The sentiment is embossed in gold. I think the vellum envelope just adds an extra special touch. It’s definitely my new favorite.



Third Time’s a Charm

I made another card to go into my set of ten and I kind of want to keep it for myself. It’s so cute. I used my growing collection of washi tapes, the cord from a shipping tag, and my Tim Holtz tiny attacher.

Speaking of washi tape, I repurposed a Saran wrap box to store my collection. It’s perfect because it already has a cutting edge and it’s just about the right size for the washi tapes. I cut a paper towel roll and toilet paper down the middle, stapled them together and rolled them back up into a tube to slide the washis onto. I covered the whole saran wrap box in kraft paper and the result is awesome! It’s totally functional too and much better than the little boxes some of them came in originally.


Inspiration: http://pinterest.com/pin/231935449530280639


Just Because

Today is day 166. In just 18 days I’ll be half way though this project. Can you believe it? Today I’m showing you a card I actually made last week and sent to a very dear friend of mine. When I talk to people about this project they often ask me what I do with the things I make. Most of the time I just store them away somewhere. I’ve decided to give more of them away. It’s a lot more fun that way.

In other news, I got another commission! This one is for a set of 10 cards. I’m super excited about this one. It will be my first set. I’m planning to include 3 birthday cards, 2 just because, 2 thank you, 1 baby, 1 wedding, 1 congratulations. I’ll be sure to post the complete set here when I’m done.


I’ve been commissioned

I got my very first commission last week. I have a friend who has twin cousins graduating from high school and he wanted some unique cards for them as well as a card to congratulate a friend on her recent engagement. I wanted to use the same color for the twin’s cards, but I wanted them to be distinct from each other too. Here’s what I came up with. What do you think?







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  2. http://jackietopa.typepad.com/addicted_to_stamping/2010/04/graduation-cards.html
  3. http://pinterest.com/pin/131519251587548120/

The New Little Black Dress

If you’ve been following along with me on this journey, you know that one of my go to paper crafts is the Origami dress. It’s easy and quick and it allows me to “make something” even if I’m tired, pressed for time, or frankly not in the mood. Well I think I’ve found the replacement to the Little Origami Dress and that is the tissue paper flower. It takes a little more time than the origami dress, but it’s dead easy and super cute. I got directions on the Michael Ann Made blog. I added little stick on gemstones to the white flowers. I skipped the staple on the red flower and used a crystal brad to hold everything together instead. I love these!

Holy Sh!t

Over the weekend, I was inspired to make some engagement cards just in case anyone I know got engaged. (And maybe, just maybe, someone I know did get engaged!! Don’t quote me on that). I found a super cute card on Etsy via Pinterest, that I totally ripped off. But that card inspired me to create another card of my own design. I think they both turned out rather nicely. Both cards say “you’re getting married!” on the inside. The top card is the rip-off and the bottom card is its inspired cousin. What do you think? Would you buy either one of these cards for a friend?