Days 59 & 60

So I realized today that I was two days off on my count. I started on December 31st and today is February 29th so I should be on day 61 today right? I found one of the lost days; two of my posts were titled Day 53, but the other one is still lost. Anyways…yesterday I was so exhausted that I’ll let you guess what I did. You guessed it! Origami dresses! I’m still mastering that skill.

Tonight I had more energy so I actually did two projects. One was a modification of a card I made earlier this month that I wasn’t totally happy with. I wrote a sentiment on it in pen and it wasn’t centered. That really bugged me. So I decided to cut a little paper banner to rewrite the sentiment on and attach it to the card with foam tape. I’m finally happy with it!! I also decided to make an envelope for it and add a little crystal brad and some twine in a coordinating color to close the envelope. I also added some confetti inside for a little more fun. I think she’ll like it, I know I do.

20120229-222615.jpg 20120229-222627.jpg
I also made a little library style thank you card for a friend who let me borrow some books. I found the printable for that card here. I also decided to print the holder part on a trimmed manila file folder to get a color closer to what I remember from the library books I used to check out and to have some sturdiness. I even used my smash date stamp to stamp a somewhat authentic looking date. I kind of miss checking books out of the library with my little paper library card and having the loan card stamped. Now I checkout library books on my Kindle. It’s just not the same.


Days 55 – 58 – Mixed Bag

I know I said I wasn’t going to wait too long between posts but because I’ve been traveling since last week, that’s been a little difficult. In fact, I’m at the airport as I write this post. Les Deux Beaus and I spent the weekend in Charleston celebrating Big Beau’s birthday. I was in a mad rush to make his birthday card before we left on Friday morning. I spent a long time the night before looking for “manly” cards to make. The pickings were a little slim. I finally found this great post about making an iDad Father’s Day card, so I adapted it to my purposes. He loved it!

Little Beau had a school project on one of the Tuskegee Airmen due this week so we helped him finish up a part of it on Saturday. I found the idea for these planes on Pinterest and wouuldn’t you know I had almost everything we needed in my stash. I didn’t have mini craft sticks but there was a Michael’s close to our hotel. I think he did a great job putting them together. He wanted a little help cutting the tail fin part, but that’s really all I did.

By the time we got home on Sunday, I was wiped out and went straight to bed for a short nap. 3 hours later I woke up and still had to make something! I decided on cutting and folding a tiny box that came as part of a sticker set I bought. Then I forgot to photograph it….

Monday I was back on the road and exhausted yet again, so I went to my go-to travel project…..origami!! Yes I folded more of those darling little dresses. I’m happy to report that I am getting better. I didn’t need the instructions this time. But the sleeves came out a little different. I think I made my folds at the top a little too deep. I sort of like the effect though.


Day 54 – Hello (KISS) Card

It’s pretty cool nowadays when I go out and friends ask me about the blog and what I’ve done today. I usually do my thing in the evening though, so I don’t always have anything current to tell them. I hung out with some friends this evening and I didn’t get home until after 9, so I had to KISS-it tonight. I used my stamp markers again and I really wish I had a black one. I’m a little surprised that the basic pack didn’t include one, but I have a big black ink pad that I can use instead. I had to create a little mask for the interior of the stamp because I only wanted the outline and the exclamation point in black. I think it’s a simple, but cute card. Of course, I rounded the bottom corners with Miss Martha’s round corner punch. Have I told you how much I love that thing? I picked up this rubber stamp for $1 at Michael’s one of the many times I went there recently. I still haven’t packed my go kit for the weekend, and I still haven’t made Le Beau’s birthday card, so I have loads to do before we leave town tomorrow. Did I mention I haven’t packed a stitch yet either? Yeah, I’m in pretty bad shape. Wish me luck.


Day 53 – Birthday Card

Today I decided to redo a card I made earlier on that just didn’t turn out quite right. This one is still a little off on the centering of the handwritten line, but I’m not planning to redo it again. I got to try out my new stamps markers and I absolutely love them. I’m so glad I bought those. I also used my Martha Stewart corner punch which I also love. It has little guards that slide out to help you line up your paper for a proper cut.


Day 52

Today’s card is an original design that I made to thank someone for a gift card I received. I also made some modifications to yesterday’s card because when I was looking at the pictures of it I wasn’t all the way pleased. I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see if I like it any better. It needs to dry. Today’s card required several last minute modifications, but I’m happy with how it turned out in the end.

I’ve been finding lots of great source material online and I bought some stamp markers that I’m looking forward to trying out. Les Deux Beaus and I are going out of town this weekend, so I have to pack a little go kit. Maybe I’ll include those markers in my go lit, but I do like to keep it simple when I’m traveling. Maybe I’ll do some origami instead.


Days 50 & 51

Day 50 was a long and busy day with lots of running around and while I tried to crank out something new, it just wasn’t working out. So I went to back to my origami dresses. It’s something I want to master without having to watch the video. And combined with my obsession for maps…well you know where this is going. They’re really starting to pile up so I decided to tack them to the wall next to my crafting table. You’ll see in the picture below that the one furthest to the right is a different design than the rest. I’m going to master one style then I’ll move on to another style.


For Day 51 I made this original design blank card below and I started work on another original design that I’ve been thinking about. I don’t usually do two projects in one night, but I was in flow and it wasn’t even that late. I had to make myself stop.


Day 49 – Wardrobe Card

You already know about my obsession with paper dresses so I think it stands to reason that my new love is paper wardrobes. I decided to start with a flat version of the wardrobe and make a card before I progress to the 3-D version. I started out wanting to make a little girl birthday card, but the papers I chose aren’t youthful enough. I actually made a bunch of mistakes on this one, but I won’t tell if you won’t tell.


March Theme!!

I know I already posted today, but I’m so excited I had to tell you I think I found my theme for March!! I was starting to get a little anxious that I didn’t know what I was going to work on in March, but now I can relax. Pop-up cards! The amazing Robert Sabuda (artist, author, rock star) has so generously posted a ton of free templates and instructions. Stay posted :)

Oh, I just remembered that I never showed you Le Beau’s Valentine’s Day card. I was trying to hide it from him. It’s my very first pop-up. He loved it, of course. I used a map of Italy because I am desperate to go back there, and I’d love to go with Le Beau. Just a bit of subliminal messaging…

If you want to try this card yourself, you can find the template here.

Days 47 & 48 – Celebrate

On Day 47 I wanted to get my project done before dinner so I could just relax in the evening, so I went back to my dress origami from January. They look so cute on cards I figured I’d better make a bunch just to have on hand. You think I’d be done right? Well, so much for relaxing the rest of the evening. I had to refer back to the origami dress YouTube video because I had forgotten some of the steps and while I was there I stumbled upon another dress folding video that I fell in love with. A few clicks later I was all in over at Everything on that site is adorable! I bought the love wardrobe template and I am planning to try it out this weekend. I’ve never worked with chipboard before, but i can’t wait!

Day 47 brings you the lovely little card above. I’m super excited about it because it’s a totally original design (yea!) and it was pretty easy to make. I happened to be looking for some fabric scraps, when I found some confetti I had bought for a party years ago. I thought they might look fun on a card. I also bought some Martha Stewart double sided stick letters on sale at you know where earlier this week so I wanted to try those out too. I originally wanted to go with the phrase “Let’s Celebrate” but two lines of text would have overwhelmed the card. Thank goodness I measured and started placing letters from the middle then out on either side. I just barely fit all the letters and even had to trim the C a little to get it on there. Applying the glitter was a breeze. You just shake it on and press it in a little. I used foam dots to give the bottle and two of the glasses a little dimension and voila! I’m not sure if it will be a birthday card or another occasion so I’m leaving the inside blank for now. This came out so well I wanted to keep going, but Le Beau was waiting for me to watch Columbiana with him. It was pretty far fetched, but we both enjoyed it nonetheless.


Days 45 & 46

Day 45 was an epic fail. I mean like straight to the trash fail. I still think it’s a good idea, but the execution fell short. Day 46 was better. I had bought a pack of fancy envelopes from you know where, and I had taken them apart to use as templates. So I made one tonight. I think it turned out pretty good, but I had to refold the bottom edge which caused an ugly double crease. So I covered it up with some paper tape! Clever, huh? Speaking of you know where, yesterday after I insisted Le Beau stop by Michael’s after our Valentine’s night dinner, he said we needed to have a come to Jesus moment about this guy Michael who’s getting all my money. In my defense, we were in the neighborhood and I was going in for exactly one item for which I had a 50% off coupon. I was in and out in 7 minutes. They didn’t even have what I was looking for.

Oh, I also made some monogrammed notecards tonight to go with those map envelopes I made last month. I used my I-press stamp that I bought at Big Lots for $2. They also had stamps and ink pads for around the same price.

I’ve had people ask me when I make two things in one day, do I count it for two days. Well, I don’t. This project is about making something everyday for 365 days, not making 365 things. So double days are just bonuses for me. In fact, I often get carried away when I’m working on things and just keep going and morphing into other things.